S1E16 – Zsolt Bircsak of Fifo Capital

With years of working in the top end of Australia in the mining industry Zsolt decided it was time for a change; time to setup his own business. After looking at the possibility of establishing a gym franchise in Darwin and deciding against it he found the opportunity to start as a Fifo Capital franchisee in Newcastle meet all his criteria.

Zsolt is personally there working with his clients and understanding their situation. A big part of what he provides with Fifo is Invoice Factoring. If you haven’t heard of that before it basically works like this:

  1. You have unpaid invoices and need funding for short term cash flow.
  2. Zsolt will work out what you need and for how long, and verify the details.
  3. If approved you get funds – usually within 24 hours – based on the value of the invoice/s.
  4. When due, your customer pays the value of the outstanding invoice/s to Zsolt / Fifo.

For a business with reliable client invoicing but a lead time on those payments and suppliers that need to be paid the invoice factoring looks to be a potentially very useful financing method.

You can find out more and get in touch with Zsolt at fifocapital.com.au/find-a-fifo-business-partner/zsolt-bircsak

S1E16 - Zsolt Bircsak of Fifo Capital