S1E15 – Kelly Lawson of Coaching Quad

Kelly’s focus areas are business and project collaboration with individuals and business. Specialising in pattern detection of unwanted beliefs and behaviours. Focuses on strategy, goals and actions to create what you ‘do’ want, and not what you ‘don’t’ want.

With experience and training in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Kelly has learnt to become ‘non judgemental’ and ‘accepting people for who they are’, that ‘their perspective is one of many’ so that she can help them understand that mistakes made are lessons to be learnt.

As Kelly says, when you have the capacity to ‘become the observer of you’ it is a truly enlightening moment.

Many of her initial clients have come from her website, social media and networking. Running courses so that people can get to know Kelly has been really valuable. As Kelly says ‘the opportunity to give advice is of no use until the person is ready and willing to listen and take action’.

Kelly shares some great insights into the inspiration and challenges of her own personal story and coaching business.

You can find Kelly online at her website, www.coachingquad.com and Facebook: facebook.com/kellyfree2create

S1E15 - Kelly Lawson of Coaching Quad