S4E5 – Funda Business Credit Solutions with Nathan

Before Funda, Nathan was a heavy vehicle technician. After that, he went doing his own business. He ran a heavy equipment business for 10 years but later passed it on to another family member. Afterward, he finally got into Funda.

Funda Custom Credit Solutions is a finance company in Newcastle, New South Wales. It offers innovative and diversified financial products to consumers and businesses for essential and lifestyle purchases of goods and equipment.  Funda quickly and efficiently processes transactions to provide clients with the approval of their goods within 24 hours. In some cases, this  occurs within the hour at the point of sale.

They deliver fair, fast, and flexible credit solutions to customers online and through their networks of retailers, business brokers, and affiliates.

Funda offers a range of tailored Consumer Leases, Credit Contracts, Interest-Free, and Business Rental Finance to suit the need, location, and budget of the customer.

S4E5 - Funda Business Credit Solutions with Nathan