S4E2 – Rock ‘n Roll like it’s the 50s with Debbie and Talia

Debbie Ray is a rock ‘n roll 50s-style dance teacher. She’s been doing this for 10 years already. Before she ventured into teaching, she was from Muswellbrook doing clerical works in an office. When asked about her transition from clerical works to a dance teacher, she said she has been dancing her whole life, she grew up with it. Her family is into country music – which is to rock ‘n roll.

What to expect in her class?

  • You will learn a 4-steps 50s-style rock ‘n roll, twirls and spins, and other different moves.
  • You will be able to socialize with other people in the class.
  • It is great for your mind and body because this activity requires physical and mental interaction.
  • It’s not a strict class. No one cares if you’ve made a mistake and no one’s going to notice if you’ve made mistakes because everyone is busy.

Debbie is conducting dance lessons every Thursday night at 7 o’clock for $10 per session per person. For more information about Debbie’s dance lessons, check out here Facebook page.

Don’t miss Debbie and Talia’s exclusive demo of 50s-style rock ‘n roll only here in Beach Business Breakfast.

S4E2 - Rock 'n Roll like it's the 50s with Debbie and Talia