S1E11 – Leah Stevens of Fox Stevens Conveyancing

Transitioning from Adelaide, South Australia to Newcastle, New South Wales for a change of lifestyle lead Leah to challenging new roles with prominent local law firms and subsequent interest in conveyancing and property law.

Leah was determined to have the flexibility that comes with self employment and with over 30 years in conveyancing between them, Leah Stevens and Julie Fox teamed up to form Fox Stevens Conveyancing in early 2015.

Conveyancers are fundamental to the timely transactions of property and Leah ensures she keeps a carefully managed schedule. As the first conveyancing company in Newcastle to start completing electronic settlement rather than the usual of everything on paper; Leah is embracing technology and the efficiency of web based transactions so that there are no longer the days of delay with cheques clearing as a sale completes.

Join us in this discussion as Leah shares insights into the past and future of conveyancing practices.

Fox Stevens Conveyancing can be found at: foxstevens.com.au

S1E11 - Leah Stevens of Fox Stevens Conveyancing